The Journals Kept

The Journals Kept (Lempster, NH) is Paul Vittum, founding member of the experimental psych pop band the Princeton Reverbs Colonial and wife Faith Vittum. Paul is the son/nephew of Dale and Verne Vittum who formed the 1970's gospel, psychedelic folk band the Messengers. He started the obscure, underground record label Red Carpet Ring and went on to form the Princeton Reverbs Colonial who recorded, toured, and released music nationally on labels; Dirigeable records, HHBTM records, Motorway (Japan), Kylie Productions (UK) among many others.

Paul played drums for Tiger Saw and Liz Janes on their "Blessed Fire tour" which Dylan Metrano wrote about it in his book "All My Friends Are Right Here With Me." During this time Paul and Faith began dating and the following year were married. He went on to play drums for NH bands Redwing Blackbird, Routine Homecoming, and Girlandpiano (with filmmaker Laina Barakat). During this time Paul and Faith continued to write and record under the PRC name. In the Spring of 2017 the Journals Kept were formed and their first release titled "War Trails" is now available on CassetteLand, Irvington Vinyl, Stickfigure Distribution and Jigsaw Records

Tour Dates:
Pittsburgh PA: 8/29/17
Bloomington, IN: 8/31/17
Columbus, IN: 9/1/17
Ithaca, NY: 9/3/17
Northampton MA: 9/7/17
More TBA